Accommodation Orsova Hotel/Hostel

House Daniel

House Daniel, with grill, pool ,beach seats, sports, water output pontoon fishing opportunities and boating. The garden is full of fruit trees from which you can eat. Summer kitchen equipped with stove, running water and barbeque grill. Rooms are equipped with double beds.

Facilities: hallway bathroom, balcony, television room, garden, barbecue.


  • full rental price for the entire capacity: 320 LEI / day


House Rares

Dreamscape, tranquility, nature, clean, gracious host, amiable will do everything to make you feel better. Wonderful! Rares is home to the Danube Orsova with a great view of the water and the many possibilities of relaxing patio in the courtyard, playground for children

Facilities: room TV courtyard, balcony, barbecue , swimming pool, playground, terrace, parking


  • Double rooms 125 lei / day
  • Price for rent the entire house 500 lei / day


  •   0723 666 607 / 0724 249 868
  •   Orsova, str. Greatca, nr. 36

House Timisoreanul

Holiday Village Timisoreanu is located between "Cazanele Mari and Cazanele Mici" of Danube, in Gulf Dubova, with a beautiful landscape on the Danube.It offers fun speedboat and fishing boats, boats rides, (visiting points of attraction), ATV rides and fishing . Timisoreanu offers accommodation in individual houses in number of 8 houses, with double or twin beds , private bathroom, cable TV and terrace.

Facilities: room TV, grill, pool , boat, AC , parking , playground , fishing accessories.


  • Double room - 100/110 LEI/day


  • 0753 585 752
  • Dubova

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